Tools for the Hunger Games Simulator on


Take fullpage screenshots, trim the images and save them automatically.

More (New!)


  • Fixed fallen tribute detection in the old simulator.
  • [V6.0.0]

  • Added preliminary support for unreleased features:
  • Compatibility with the new simulator (still in testing)
  • 1000 tributes (with automatic filesize adjustment)
  • 200 districts
  • All custom district sizes
  • Fatal event detection should be perfect now (thanks, Brant!)
  • Enforces 670px page width so old backgrounds can still be used
  • Internally converts old userstyles to new simulator format
  • Hosthelper

    Better alternative:
    Virginia's Userscript

    Effortlessly add tributes from thread to simulator.



  • Removed "Alternative Method"
  • New feature: Automatic and manual calibration. Make HostHelper work on any setup.
  • Automatic calibration tested on Win 10/7, Chrome/Firefox, on a recent desktop and 12 y/o laptop
  • Improved Chrome handling
  • [V4.0.0]

  • Added support for Google Chrome browser. NOTE: You have to click directly on a name to retrieve the correct image in Chrome
  • Compatibility with the new simulator (still in testing)
  • Someone reach out to Virginia so he updates his userscript, until then only Hosthelper works with the new simulator
  • EventManager

    Allows creation of codes in your favorite text editor with time-saving replacements, as well as saving and loading local code backups.



  • Added preliminary support for unreleased features:
  • Compatibility with the new simulator (still in testing)
  • Support for 100 tribute events
  • Support for 100 killers/killed (when going over 9, separate individual numbers with spaces for example)
  • Support for all 5 genders
  • Updated UI to better accomodate Windows 10
  • Reverse substitution: Saving events now replaces the long versions *(He/She1)* with EM's short versions *He1*
  • Flexible subtitution: Short versions will automatically be expanded to 5 or 2 gender variants in their respective simulators
  • The above allows season conversion - migrating from the old simulator to the new one, and back, while gaining gender support for free
  • CodeDB

    A searchable database of many public codes.


    Customize backgrounds, fonts, text sizes and many other visual styles in the simulator. Install Stylus for Firefox or Chrome first.

    Limit Remover

    Removes character limit for tribute names, events, etc.

    Host Manual

    Learn the basics of hosting as well as advanced tips to improve your games further.