Hotlinking Fix


Brant implemented the function of the userscript on-site. Thanks!

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This page contains instructions for fixing image links not loading when hotlinked. The reason for this behaviour appears to be's Cloudflare temporarily blocking and denying your request, if your HTTP GET request contains a referer header. This tells Cloudflare that you are attemping to view the image from the refered website (in this case which might be considered as hotlinking, and blocked to save traffic and potentially lessen the costs of serving hotlinking websites. In the following is explained how to remove the referer header from your GET requests.

Circumvention via Userscript


Install the [Greasemonkey] extension, then [click here] and hit Install.


Install the [Tampermonkey] extension, then [click here] and hit Install.

Alternative Circumvention

Note: Unlike the userscript, these changes are global. PIXIV only displays images when referer headers are enabled.

In Firefox

Firefox is able to remove referer headers from only images natively, thus being the cleaner, faster and less messy solution compared to Chrome.

  1. Type about:config into the URL/adress bar and hit enter.
  2. Press Accept.
  3. Search for Network.http.sendRefererHeader
  4. Doubleclick the entry and change its value to 1.

In Chrome

Chrome does not allow you to change this behaviour yourself, however there is an add-on available for this, which you have to install and keep enabled.

[Install No Referer Image Add-on]